Credit Plus Deceased

Did you get a postcard in the mail about a class action lawsuit against credit plus?

Credit Plus is a credit bureau that many people have never heard of.

You probably received that postcard because at some time in the past you were reported by credit plus as being deceased.

What are your rights in a Credit Plus Class Action for being deceased?

If you have received the postcard about the class action with credit plus, you should contact our office to see if you have a claim for damages.

If you are in the class action against Credit Plus, you will get significantly less money than if you file your own lawsuit.

We can help you file your own lawsuit against Credit Plus.

1 thought on “Credit Plus Deceased”

  1. Many consumers are getting postcards in the mail about this. It may or may not be in your best interest to joint that class action.

    It may be better for you to let us review your situation and tell you what’s in your best interest financially.

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