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Moreover, recent decisions have held that credit card holders cannot unilaterally withdraw consent to receive telephone calls from their credit card provider when that consent is given in a bargained-for contract. Accordingly, Plaintiff was unable to unilaterally withdraw consent to receive telephone calls, even if they were made via an ATDS or with a pre-recorded voice.

Plaintiff’s claim for violation of the FDCPA is misplaced as the FDCPA does not apply to the collection of one’s own debts. Plaintiff cannot dispute that when Synchrony placed calls to Plaintiff they were for the purpose of collecting debts Plaintiff allegedly owed to Synchrony. For this reason, Plaintiff’s FDCPA claim cannot proceed.

1 Way to Fix a Mixed Credit File for __

What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

Don’t recognize Accounts

{If the account is not yours, you will not recognize it.|If you didn’t open it, you won’t recognize it.|This is when you see an account that’s not yours.|On day you open your report, and see an unknown account.|You go look at your report and see an unknown account. It’s not yours. You know that, for sure.}

Father and Son – The Jr./Sr. Problem

{This is a common problem.|We see this a lot.|This happens all of the time.|This has been happening for decades.|The credit bureaus have been doing this for years and years.|The credit reporting agencies have known about this for as long as credit reports have been around.|You are not alone.}

They don’t use all the numbers in your social security number.|Even though you have 9 digits in your social security number, they only use 7 to match your files.|

Brother and Sister Combined File

Complete Stranger’s accounts


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