Mistakenly Reported Deceased Tennessee

Why did Equifax, Experian, and/or Trans Union report me as deceased?

You were likely reported as dead because of one of three reasons: a creditor made a mistake and reported false information, the Social Security Administration wrongly deceased you as deceased, or the credit bureaus mixed you up with another person who happens to be deceased.

Regardless of how it happened, getting it fixed is complex. Doing this alone with cost you months if not years of wasted effort and you won’t be able to make them compensate you for doing this to you.

Do I owe you money if we can’t make them pay or if we find out that we don’t have a case?

No. You will not owe us any money if things don’t go according to plan. You will never come into my office and write us a check. Never. This is not a concern for you.

How long does it take to get being reported as deceased off of my credit reports?

We can usually have you back alive in the first month or so. If we can’t, that usually means that the amount of compensation should increase.

How do we get me wrongly being reported as deceased off of my credit reports as fast as possible?

We work with you to get your credit reports, review them, figure out who is to blame, then help you draft the perfect disputes to make them fix this issue. Again, if they refuse to remove the deceased indicator, then they are going to owe you more money for not following the law.